Automizer Full Eject

Automizer Full Eject

When a tip-to-dump truck is not an option
  • Automated
  • Residential
  • Alleys, tight areas
  • Recycling
  • Full eject
  • EV
  • CNG

Full Eject

Leader in Full Ejection Technology

Tapered body. Durascope™ nitrated packer & ejector cylinder. Packer T-Track Guide. A perfect combination of packing and ejection that makes the Full Eject Technology on Labrie Trucks the desired choice of operators across North America.

Full Ejection

Packer T-Track System

The Packer T-track Guide System extends packer and wear component life. Also,the same cylinder is used for material packing and full ejection of the load.

Maintenance and performance

Single telescopic cylinder

Packing and ejection operated by one double-acting telescopic cylinder with a maximum compaction of 850 lbs/cu.yd.

Right-Hand™ or Alley-Hand™ Arm

An unequaled duo

Your choice of either a Right-Hand™ or an Alley-Hand™ automated arm depending on your collection applications, with strength & performance guaranteed



The need for alternative energy is real. Meet that need with Labrie’s proprietary CNG system or seamless integration to a Battery-Electric chassis. For thoroughly engineered alternative energy solutions, the answer is always Labrie.


  • Packer T-track guide system extends packer and wear component life
  • Durascope™ nitrated packer & ejector cylinder
  • Single piece body walls for increased strength and seamless appearance
  • Tapered body for improved compaction
  • EnviroLink™ Smarter Collection Technology Available

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