Automizer Full Eject

When a tip-to-dump truck is not an option

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Automizer Right-Hand™

Productivity = a strong arm that can reach

The Automizer Right-Hand™, equipped with its strong, and precise arm is the most sought-after ASL in the market today.

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Automizer Helping-Hand™

Flexibility and reliability in one package

The ultimate combination of our High Efficiency straight frame ASL body, with the smooth and simple Helping Hand™ automated arm. A low load sill, with access door on the curbside for hand-loading access add to this package of unmatched versatility and seamless performance.

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Automizer Alley-Hand™

The industry’s premier side loader with a stronger Zero Kick-Out arm

The Automizer has been the benchmark for productive side loaders since its inception, so it was only natural that Labrie pair this time-tested body with the all-new Alley-Hand™ arm in a combination that will leave no carts behind; whether in tight spaces or long reaches. The Tip-to-dump or Full Eject body configurations offer maximum flexibility to conform to any application.

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Expert Helping-Hand™

Drop Frame flexibility, because every route is different

The most versatile waste collection vehicle available, the Labrie Expert can be used for manual, semi-automated or fully automated collection.

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Top Select™

Versatile curbside recycling

Pioneered by Labrie , the Top Select™ is a recycling body for manual and semi-automated collection of residential recyclable material. It is the first ever recycling unit built and continues to be the most sold unit in its class in North America. A Labrie innovation and an industry staple.

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Minimax Helping-Hand™

Because sometimes it pays to have a small truck

All the best features of our larger side loaders condensed into a nimble and productive package.

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The Pendulum Packer; a perfect match for organics

The culmination of decades of innovation in waste collection technology.The patented Zero Radius arm and Pendulum Packer coupled with advanced hydraulic controls offer the ideal solution for the collection of organics.

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Labrie stands as a major leader in the North American marketplace renowned for designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative waste collection vehicles that stand the test of time.

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